The Origin of Kootenay Cannabis Kingsway:

The Origin of Kootenay Cannabis Kingsway: 

Kootenay Cannabis had a grassroots beginning in the heart of Castlegar and made the move to the bustling streets of Vancouver, bringing a taste of that small-town charm to the big city. 

We started small, with the simple goal of bringing the highest quality cannabis products available to us to our consumers at the fairest price possible. We come from humble beginnings and intend to keep that way.

Our home, Castlegar, BC, has a population of just over 8,000 people, while considered a small city, its close-knit community and genuine camaraderie are reminiscent of a quaint, small town. When the opportunity to open in Vancouver presented itself to us, we saw it as a way to bridge the warmth and sincerity of a small Kootenay town with Vancouver’s fast-paced cannabis scene. As a company, we agreed a move like this would only be possible if we were able to stay true to our values, high-quality cannabis for a fair price. 

A Trailblazing Partnership:

 Upon the move to Vancouver, Kootenay Cannabis Partnered with Bonnie Johnstone, a trailblazing figure in Vancouver’s cannabis industry. An advocate for the plant long before its legalization, Bonnie’s relentless efforts have propelled the industry forward, paving the way for a more inclusive and progressive future. The former co-owner of Karuna Cannabis, a grey-market cannabis dispensary, Bonnie brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the Kootenay Cannabis team.  Her collaboration with Kootenay Cannabis symbolizes a powerful synergy between tradition and innovation.

Navigating the Regulatory Maze:

Navigating the intricacies of Vancouver’s regulatory landscape is no small feat. Cannabis stores in the city are required to present their stories before the board of variance for the city of Vancouver, a critical step to demonstrate their commitment to responsible and ethical practices. Prior to Kooteny Cannabis’ meeting, the longest interval between meetings has been two years. But Kootenay Cannabis’ small-town charm combined with their partnership Bonnie Johnstone received an unprecedented 4 year interval, the first of its kind in the Vancouver legal cannabis sector. 

Kootenay Cannasbis’ journey in Vancouver is still in it’s early days, but through collaboration, resilience and and the pursuit of a vision that resonates far beyond the borders of a city or a province, Kootenay Cannabis Kingsway will become a staple of the Vancouver Cannabis scene.