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Your community cannabis store with quality curated bud that helps you put the “life” in work-life balance

When it comes to buying cannabis, it can be daunting how many choices there are. Most of the dispensaries are either expensive, lack selection and quality, or the atmosphere is uninviting. Sometimes, it’s all of the above.

We created Kootenay Cannabis to provide a solid cannabis-shopping experience, curated with you in mind

Kootenay Cannabis was borne from a vision to create a community-driven cannabis store that prioritises top-of-the-line, affordable cannabis products and connections with our neighbours.

Voted #1 Cannabis Dispensary by Weed Maps for the City of Castlegar in 2021









Recognising the deep roots of the legacy cannabis movement, the Kootenay Cannabis team was inspired to put down roots in the Kootenays with our flagship store in Castlegar, BC. A mecca for outdoor adventure, hard working folk and backcountry shenanigans. A place where most people run on “Kootenay time”.

Through extensive research, strategic thinking, networking efforts and a love of cannabis, Kootenay Cannabis has become known for its quality products, variety and competitive pricing. The Kootenay Cannabis staff have made it their mission to be as informed as possible about cannabis products to help you make the best decisions.

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Cultivating community in our backyards

The legacy cannabis movement in the Kootenays would not have been possible without a strong community foundation. Kootenay Cannabis honours this by making the act of giving back a priority.

Sponsoring the Castlegar SculptureWalk, taking part in the Adopt-a-Road program, planting flowers and creating gardens with Communities in Bloom, and volunteering at local food drives are just a few of the ways we get involved on a community level.

Legacy roots, legendary cannabis.

Things will get even better once the long-awaited farm-gate sales legislation is in place.

Kootenay Cannabis gives huge respect to the immense legacy of underground cannabis production. The bold and fearless farmers of the legacy days pioneered cannabis production in BC, contributing greatly to the history and unique culture of the Kootenays today. These folks are the true experts when it comes to producing quality cannabis.

We actively connect with local businesses around our Castlegar, Niagara Falls and Kingsway – Vancouver locations. Our aim is to establish close relationships with our neighbours and to help remove the stigma around cannabis use.

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Too legit to quit…opening new locations to spread the Kootenay love

Castlegar, BC

The Kootenay Cannabis journey starts right in the heart of the West Kootenays, in Castlegar B.C. Co-founder, Brian Gray, opened our flagship store in Castlegar in 2019, drawing on his appreciation for the Kootenay region while recognising the deep roots of the local legacy cannabis movement.

Kingsway – Vancouver, BC

At our upcoming Vancouver location (opening March 2023), we are joining forces with Karuna, a mother-daughter dispensary team run by Bonnie and Alexandra. These ladies provided medical cannabis to the Vancouver community for over a decade. Moving forward, Karuna will transform into Kootenay Cannabis, but Karuna’s large and loyal customer base will still see Bonnie’s familiar face at the shop.

Browse Bud in Castlegar, BC

Browse Bud in Vancouver, BC

Farm-gate sales – From farm to pipe

We will honour this wealth of local expertise by partnering with Kootenay craft cannabis enterprises (run by these same legendary farmers) to secure unique strains for proprietary sales in our stores and online. These treasured strains represent years of cannabis breeding and phenotype hunting, and will be available exclusively at Kootenay Cannabis.

Enjoy a comfortable homegrown vibe…just like in the legacy days

Whether you need to….Pop in to grab a bag of smoke and relax after the workday. Need some green to help inspire the next creative project. Keep your stash well-stocked for the next backcountry trek.

…we got you.

Kootenay Cannabis is a community hub where you can enjoy the comfortable homegrown vibe – just like in the legacy days.