Picture This

You have just finished a glorious day of wake surfing on Christina Lake, one of the many freshwater gems in and around the Kootenay area of British Columbia, and you’re puffing on some of the province’s finest bud while watching the sun set beyond the mountains. It was on a day exactly like this that we decided to open the Kootenay Cannabis retail store in an area famous for producing some of Canada’s most coveted weed.

kootenay cannabis

On Kootenay Time

The concept of “Island time” is well known in such places as Hawaii and the Caribbean, but the Kootenay region in southern BC has its own way of slowing down the natural pace of life. Perhaps it has something to do with the rich history of cannabis cultivation here? Or maybe it’s because there’s so much playing to be done, our downtime is sacred.

The list of activities in our supernatural environment is endless, no matter the season. It was here that the term “cold smoke” was invented, referring to the perfectly light, yet bottomless snow we enjoy every winter. Heli-skiing was born here. Downhill mountain biking was perfected here. And the largest Kokanee salmon in the world was caught here. Combine all these outdoor pursuits with small communities renowned for their vibrant art scenes, and you have a region that offers something for everyone.

We chose Castlegar, the little city in the valley and the gateway to the Kootenays, as the site of our first store because it perfectly embodies the local scene. It’s located at the confluence of two major rivers, between three mountain ranges and it’s the Sculpture Capital of Canada. The community welcomed us wholeheartedly and supported our decision to take our business ideas on a cross-country journey.

Feeling at Home

The Kootenay weed experience is being in place that makes you feel like you are at home, whether you’re a long-time resident or a first-time visitor. We set out to create a warm, welcoming environment for our customers, one that perfectly embodies the very real and rustic nature of this region. Our flagship cannabis store in Castlegar highlights the local area while providing consumers with the best legal cannabis grown in BC and beyond.

What began as an idea after a perfect day of wake surfing became a store that we are proud of, and it’s now evolving into something much bigger: we’re excited to be taking the warm, welcoming Kootenay vibe of our store to Ontario. Most of all, we are grateful to shine a light on a region we love, one that has been supported by cannabis cultivation for decades. We look forward to bringing a piece of Kootenay culture to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in the expanding cannabis sector by providing communities with not only a safe, informed, and affordable retail option, but one that combines Kootenay hospitality with a deep connection to its place in BC’s cannabis history. 

Our educated staff members help us achieve this by providing our customers with valuable information about the effects and possible risks of cannabis consumption, while our competitive price points, variety, and quality selection help us protect our margins and put pressure on local legacy markets. All of this is part of our goal to enhance lives and lifestyles with cannabis, with a Kootenay flair.


We believe that giving back to our communities helps to lift the negative stigma that has historically been associated with cannabis. This is why we invest in our neighbourhoods through volunteering, supporting our leaders and staff to get involved by encouraging them to donate their time and money to local causes. Some of the causes we participate in include the Castlegar Sculpture Walk, Communities in Bloom, and the Adopt-A-Road program.