Cannabis Legalization: Ontario Vs. New York

In 2021 recreational cannabis became legal in the state of New York. Being so close to Niagara Falls, New York and Buffalo we’ve decided to put together this article highlighting the differences between what you’ll find between recreational cannabis in Canada vs. across the border.

Age of consumption:
In Ontario, the age of consumption is 19, but in New York, the legal age to consume cannabis is 21.

Possession Limits:
The Possession limit in Ontario is 30g of dried cannabis or the equivalency of 30g of dried cannabis in concentrates or edibles. The cannabis possession limit in New York is 85g of dried cannabis or 24g of cannabis concentrate.

Home Grown:
Here in Niagara Falls, Ontario, each household is allowed to group up to 4 plants. In Niagara Falls, New York though, each person is allowed to have 3 mature cannabis plants and 3 immature plants with a maximum of 12 plants per household.

As of now, New York has no recreational cannabis shops where anyone can buy legal cannabis outside of indigenous reservations. In Ontario, it would seem we have one on every street corner, as of May 2022 Ontario has.

There’s some key differences between legalization in Ontario and New York, but overall its great to see more and more states legalizing cannabis. Whether you’re in Niagara Falls, Buffalo or any where else in New York, we hope you visit our shop next time you’re in our neck of the woods!